I Chose An Old Friend Of Mine, Aaron Laughlin Essay

1393 Words Apr 4th, 2016 6 Pages
For my interview I chose an old friend of mine, Aaron Laughlin. We met at church camp back in 2012, and have been in the friend-acquaintance limbo ever since. We often go from not talking for months to speaking with each other on a bi-weekly basis. This made Aaron a perfect interviewee because while I knew differences that we have, I did not know just how opposite our lives are. This helped me learn more about the friend I have known for so long. When I asked him to give me a vague description of himself, Aaron said that he’s “honest, hardworking, maybe a teensey bit eccentric.” Though it might seem like a simple answer, it sheds light into who Aaron is. He later told me that his parents had taught him the importance of honesty and hard work, and this has made it through to his adult life. Though it seems that Aaron’s eccentricity is part of the person he has grown to be rather than what was instilled in him. The family Aaron grew up in is unique in its own right. A nuclear family, with his father, a toolmaker, is the primary breadwinner. His mother is employed, when Aaron was growing up she was a teacher, but now she primarily focuses on outreach services. Growing up he did not spend much time with his parents, because his dad was always tired or busy and he does not get along with his mother well so he spent much of his time alone. Because of this, there was no main rule enforcer in the family, his father disciplined when he was there and if he was not, his…

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