I Can 't Let You Go Now That I Got It Essay

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Electric Love, an upbeat pop song sung by BØRNS displays two different types of relationships: infatuation and eros. When describing his infatuation for a girl, Garrett Borns states that “I can’t let you go now that I got it”. In this, Borns exhibits his manifested attraction. This attraction is surface level and solely based on her appearance. Dependency is also invoked throughout Borns’ confessions. Through these lyrics it is revealed that his infatuation leads him to willingly to do anything in order to receive love from this woman. In a similar fashion Borns expresses his infatuation by stating, “baby, I’m dying for another taste”. Borns once again emphasises his dependency on this woman’s approval. These lyrics also begin to display self centered attraction, a thematic appearance throughout the whole song. This recurring allure, is continuously surface level and sexual. Contrasting from infatuation, Electric Love also displays eros, specifically when Garrett Borns speaks of this woman being “electric”. Through this metaphor Borns is hinting to the romantic and sexual love he feels. Borns’ devotion actively features his selflessness and strong determination. We know from his song that Borns is willing to look beyond himself and focus his attention towards this woman. Moreover, Borns continues to portray his passion by symbolically saying, “baby, you’re like lightning in a bottle”. Once more the romantic Borns is looking beyond himself and is directing his attention…

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