I Can 't Be A Daydream Essay

2303 Words Nov 21st, 2016 10 Pages
Each individual holds their own beliefs towards categories of difference. Some of these beliefs increasingly influence the thought that we, as humans, are more different than we are alike; others make it seem otherwise. I can personally say that my values and beliefs have changed as I started growing up. I wasn’t always as open-minded as I think I am. Each of my beliefs have been heavily influenced by the most significant social institutions that are in my life: school, family, religion, and the media. Overall, I firmly believe that differences among people do not have to keep us separate from one another. Rather, these differences should be embraced as they are what make us unique to our own selves and in this world. But of course, I can’t be living in a daydream. Throughout my life, I have witnessed the backlash someone (sometimes including myself) would receive solely because of who they are and where they are placed in the social hierarchy. I have lived in Jersey City my entire life. The city is booming with diversity: racially, socioeconomically, and lately, with ideas. Jersey City is one of the most densely populated areas and is separated into different sections. I live in Greenville. Greenville is known to be the less safe part of Jersey City, and it is. When I was a child, my family would clutch me any time we went out and one or more black people were near. I have heard my father say, “These blacks are no good” more than once. My older brother agreed – and still…

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