I Can Be Lost In The World Of Love

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I walk towards my bed sit down and open up my kindle, allowing myself to be lost in the world of books. The next hour or so quickly passed and I knew I had to start making my way to my lecture. I wonder what Miss Crystal has in store for us all today. I shall find out in around ten minutes, I cannot contain my excitement I know it sounds sad but writing is my actual life and I don’t think people realise.
I begin making my way down to the lecture hall wondering what we was going to learn today or even write about. I walk into the lecture hall and apparently as always I am the earliest student to arrive, damn right though I am keen and I am not afraid to show it.
Miss Crystal was really pretty and although she wasn’t a self-published author
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The suspense is killing me. Then she mentions one single word love. Miss Crystal explains that she would like like us to write about what we believe love is. It’s like she knows how I feel about Chakotay. Ok, the constant anxiety needs to stop. Why though seriously? Miss Crystal goes on to explain that we have forty five minutes to write the piece and then we would all take turns in reading out our version of love. This lecture is going to take up the most of my day which is not a bad thing, I can’t wait to hear all the other students versions, especially one particular persons. I don’t even need to mention names because you probably all know who I mean. I wondered why we had another one at 5pm with Miss Brandy, I was thinking earlier when I was looking at the timetable that it was a big time gap. Now it all makes sense to me. I picked up my pen and began …show more content…
I knew from the moment I felt him in the room with me that we both had a connection. People talk about connections all the time with other people. This connection is different, I didn’t even had to look at him and I knew he was there. He had the other half of my soul before I had even met him, I just didn’t realise until I dreamt of him, or maybe I did, maybe I was just in denial about it. If you asked me how long I have known him I couldn’t possibly tell you because nobody would believe that feelings like this can develop so quickly for someone… Well until it happens to them and that’s the honest truth. Falling in love has shown me that I can feel again, that I actually do have emotions that I didn’t even think I had. That is the funny thing above love, it has a way of making you realise that you can feel again. Love makes you realise how alive you really are, love makes you realise that your brain is working, your heart is beating, that your lungs are breathing. Love touches your mind in special places. Meeting someone who is actually physically capable of taking your breath away is absolutely terrifying but in a way extremely satisfying. Love reminds you of all the

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