I Bet You Should Love A Four Day School Week Essay

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-Four Day School Week-
I bet you would love a four day school week, but is it unhealthy ? Yes actually it is very unhealthy for us and I will tell you why. My goal is to prove that my side of a four day week schedule. I have been thinking about this topic, and know that i 've studied it i feel good about it.Students need more time to to learn a four - day - week - schedule is not enough. A three day weekend gives less memory retained. Sometimes students do not think that their home is safe. My studies show that many things will go wrong schools have tried multiple times and things just began to worsen. From experience I have witnessed that around where I live. There is this woman with two kids, she does have a house, but not a good one she doesn 't take care of her kids properly and has almost no car and has a job but not a well paid one. The because of this is she did not have a good education. Do you think it would be good for your health well I don 't. I believe on my side that it would be very fun but however it is not good in many different ways. It is bad because one IQ will lower. Concentration will decrease. Many others will affect us tremendously.(cummings) To begin with a four day school week is unhealthy and is very unnecessary because some children are unsupervised, and do not eat it is witnessed that some adults do not have or do not have enough money to buy food. Many adults do not care about where, or what their kids are doing. Some children at home may…

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