I Believe Essay

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Guns are drawn, and we face the enemy. It has come down to live or death. The first hand grenade is thrown. It misses its targets but then again they always miss their target. I peek under my shield of cover to find myself face to face with the littlest enemy! I yell and take off running in fear of what I have seen. Bullets are flying and my partner has been hit. I know not to turn around as I know what I will see. She is gone, she is now a zombie. She is now on the other team. BING, BING! “Pause, Dinner is done” I yell from under the kitchen table.
“Oh mom!” My three zombies all say almost at the same time.
“Sorry guys, even zombies have to eat dinner and your dad will be home soon. I’ll get dinner, y’all clean the living room” I tell
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I believe that playing with Cheyenne is helping her become who I know she can be. I believe that somewhere along the way moms forget how it feels to nine. My nine year old, Cheyenne is always reminding me how it is to be young. One this Saturday midmorning she comes be bopping into my room singing “mom can you play dance party with me?” Dance Party is her favorite Xbox game. As she set the game up and picks the song. I watch her and remember how there was ones a time when she could not reach the games on the top shelf. The game starts and like always she has picked a song I have never heard of before. We laugh and jump all over the living room. By the third time the song plays, we are both singing along. I look out the window and the sun is somewhat out. “Ok, ok, I give, you win. Go outside and play before it starts raining” as I watch Mitchell and Cheyenne run out the door playing zombie attacks, I smile to myself.
I believe that playing with Nicole, will one day make it easier to talk to her when she is a teenager. I turn away from the window after checking on the other two playing. To find Nicole sad on the couch. Nicole broke her leg a week ago and is unable to play outside. I talk into playing with me in her bedroom. We pull out all of the Barbie dolls we can find and I pull out the dream house with matching car. Nicole believes that to play Barbie’s we need to dress like a princess. So we have our dresses on, the Barbies are set up, and she starts the

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