Essay about I Be A Ball Of Clay

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I used to be a ball of clay. I was twisted, sculpted, and made into what those around me wanted me to become. I was morphed into a doubter of faith and stretched into a wavering believer. I was convinced by non-believing teachers and badly chosen friends alike that the Christian religion was not worth my time, and I was not worth Jesus’. The most detrimental part of this was that I believed them. It was not until a conversation with my grandmother that I had heard the verse that changed it all, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). This statement shocked me. Jesus loves me despite my condition? I am a damaged and worn out ball of clay, yet Jesus died for my sins regardless? This verse marked the beginning of my transition from a permeable object to a strong believer in Christ. Poway, California. Where my eighteen years of life, family, education, sports, and faith all lie. Poway is known as the ‘city in the country,’ proudly proclaiming its subsistence for small town life among the big city society: San Diego. While being a Christian in Poway is simultaneously being part of the majority, one step past the city limits makes a faithful Christian somewhat of an outcast. To most ‘Powegians’, the Bible is highly regarded but not necessary, these are the type of people our church humorously calls ‘CEOs’ (Christmas and Easter only). I have found that while a lot of the families in our community are Christian, they do not…

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