I Attended The Witt Series Event Featuring Sybarite 5 Essay

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I attended the Witt Series event featuring Sybarite 5. The genres were soft blues, pop and rock. This performance was in Weaver Chapel and started at 7:30 PM. The performers were part of a string quintet who are based out of New York. The performers were Sami Merdinian, Sarah Whitney, Angela Pickett, Laura Metcalf, and Louis Levitt.

The piece Black Bend by Dan Visconti features a violin and viola in a slow melody, which eventually accelerates into a frenzy. The cello and bass eventually join into the main melody, which sounds unusual and somewhat chilling. The continuous rhythm of the piece is a click clack, which could symbolize a train. The entire melody descends into nothing as quickly as it materialized. The piece is in a minor key and keeps a duple melody. Dissonance is expressed in many parts of the piece, and contributes to the exotic feel of the piece. Many instrumental techniques were utilized by the performers, mainly strumming and use of the bow to illustrate different sound effects during the piece. The piece Paranoid by Radiohead starts with the violas in a moderate triple meter. The key change was constant, always changing from major to minor key. Some fast trills were utilized by the violins and the viola. The second part of the piece slows down and sounds a bit mellow. This piece is considered to have a homophonic melody, with a major melody that consists with an accompanying harmony. The piece Yann’s Flight by Shawn Conley starts with a slow and dreamy…

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