I Attended, The Power Of A Team Essay

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I attended “The Power of a Team” presented by the Kansas Teachers of the Year on January 27th. The teacher’s spoke of how being part of a team and working with the students truly helps the learning experiences of the students become a positive one. Each teacher spoke on the reasons why they became a teacher and from there they spoke of how once they were in the classroom, the faculty members at their schools teamed up with them to help them create a positive learning experience. Whether it was through mentoring, or sharing ideas on how to deal with certain situations, the faculty members became a team and the students a part of their family. Our assignment was to be able to answer how technology aids teachers in working in teams more efficiently, effectively or in enhanced ways not possible without technology. After listening to what each teacher had to say and having examples, I came to an understanding on just how to answer that question.
At one part of the panel, we broke off into groups depending on what your major was and we were able to have a one-on-one time discussion with the teachers. We were able to ask questions on what had us most worried about when we would be in the classroom. One question in my group was asked how to get the students more involved and wanting to learn and another question was asked about how to respond to a question they did not have the answer for. It was brought to attention that if you did not know the answer to the question asked, to…

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