I Attended The Plakat : Poster Art Essay

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I attended the PLAKAT: Poster Art from Poland exhibition in the Martha Gault Art Gallery located on campus. The posters were loaned from the University Museum at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Poster art was developed internationally from the Polish Poster School after the late 1950’s. The posters were not abstract nor non-representational; each had recognizable images, such as people or objects found throughout the world. These posters were all created for the same purpose of representing a film. The posters were created by many artists from differing years. The posters had unique elements that were able grab my attention. There were several posters that caught my eye that I thought I could write an essay on, but I decided to go with Roman Kalarus’s “Save the Environment” poster. Mr. Kalarus created the poster in 1991. One reason I chose this poster is because of its simplistic design. It contains a total of three colors: red, white, and black. There are a total of about ten lines in total to draw a tree, two rectangles to make up the background, and a cross. I prefer simple artistic designs. Most of the other posters had a lot of different elements to them, which kept bringing me back to Mr. Kalarus’s poster. The poster has a red and white background. I believe the red is meant to represent the ground while the white is representative of the sky. The red and the curvature of the line that divides the background colors, makes it look as if the red is a hill. On top of…

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