Essay about I Attended A Church Service

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I attended a church service on June 12th at the Church of Jesus christ of latter-day saints in West Jordan. The format of the service was held in multiple rooms and was very religiously professional, although I only attended the service in the sacrament room for an hour. Prior to the service I asked a friend of mine if I could attend with her, which made her jump for joy due to how I do not attend church often and she always has asked me to go with her. She told me that I would need to wear a dress, to show respect for their service. The service started with the sacrament that lasted for about an hour. The sacrament room was the biggest room in the church, and to me it looked a chapel. The seats were long and narrow, so that a lot of individuals could fit inside the room. On each row of seats there was about two slots for hymn books with two hymn books in the slot. At the front of the room, seated higher than the rest of us, were the individuals who would speak. This included the bishop, who is the who is, in my understandings, the highest individual of the priesthood. Each church holds a different bishop of that given church. The bishop addressed the audience with events that were to happen soon, such as a barbeque that would be held at the local park. What I found very interesting was that even though he was the head of the church, you would not be able to distinguish him from any other well dressed man in the room. They then sang a hymn, and in total…

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