I Approach The Churched And Non Churched Essay

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One of the footers in foundation of my ministry which supports the philosophy by which I approach the churched and non-churched can be found in Matthew 9:10-13. It is both the intentional formulation of the opportunity in which Jesus frames this footing and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer to which we must also respond. Not only does the unfolding dynamics of the text, present the attitude of the church in opposition to the needs of the non-churched; but it also presents the heart and desires of Jesus in His ministry of reconciliation, while establishing the fullness of his word as the measuring stick of the righteousness by which the church and the disciples of Christ, should be governed. In the text, Jesus responds to the thoughts and the inquiry of the Pharisees, in-as-much as he still responds to the church and religious leaders of today; so that by his example, we neither offend anyone, neither do we defend our position, but by the spirit of righteousness we appeal to all who have the heart of God.
In-todays’ world, the foundation by which this footing has been established is continually being tested by Satan, as if the word of the master builder would buckle under its stress. Within the context of the churched and the non-churched, examples of this is evidenced, as the church today has been into fragments of denominational doctrinal teaching, including but not limited to the offer of salvation through one’s own consciousness, absent…

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