Essay on I Appreciate Your Speaking With Me

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I appreciate your speaking with me yesterday.

As a follow up to our conversation I have summarized what I enjoyed about my position and the direction I want to take going forward. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity and experience. It was important to me to speak with you in regards to my departure and to thank you for the opportunity.

Just as an update, despite having to take an incomplete due to my illness, I am pursuing a graduate certificate in Data Analytics through Boston University to enhance my Marketing degree and MBA. Recently I shared with Mark Alberts how I would like to pursue marketing research, specifically its analysis and its application to insights and strategy. I am passionate about and skilled with research. I enjoy the qualitative side, as well as the quantitative. Mark has put me in touch with Anne Flowers, who has extensive experience in Analytics and Marketing. I hope to connect with her in the next week.

I have done research by default through my personal life (due to my son with programs, benchmarking and tracking his progress, developing programs and modifying based on data) and continue to actively seek it out professionally through surveys, interviews, competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, coding etc.

Despite research being a strong component in my life, it has taken me some time to arrive at the conclusion that it needed to become the basis of career. I like the work with numbers and the creativity of…

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