I Am Writing With Your Charitable Donation Of Holy Family University Students

808 Words Jul 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Once again, I am writing with great thanks for your charitable donation to Holy Family University students and myself for allowing us to renew our $2000 W.W. Smith Charitable Trust Grant. It is a great feeling that my hard work and dedication to my academics and the community is being recognized for a second year in a row. Your generous donation is a prime example of the importance of continuing to pursue the college experience to the best of one’s abilities. The sophomore class tends to be forgotten when it comes to the college experience. There is a lack of enthusiasm and recognition for sophomores which figures why it is called the sophomore slump. However, you did not forget about the sophomore class and I appreciate that!
As you know, this past school year I was a sophomore. Although I was a sophomore, I wasn’t going to let that affect my college experience. I applied all the skills and energy I harnessed from my freshman year and hit the ground running this past year. As a result, I was rewarded by having the best year of my life. There were a bunch of life events that took place this year. First of all, I was an Accounting Major with a CMIS Minor coming into the year, but then changed my minor to Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence focusing on “Big Data” in the business world and how to interpret/process that data. There is a great deal of computer and other system programming in this area of study. The Business Intelligence Minor will pair up with my…

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