Essay on I Am Volunteering For The Central Alberta Cancer Centre

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1) Community Scan of Organization I am volunteering for the Central Alberta Cancer Centre located in Red Deer. There was a huge need for a centrally located cancer center, people were having to travel hours to receive treatment they desperately needed. The Cancer Centre in Red Deer opened in 2013 and I started volunteering their shortly after its opening. The Cancer Centre recruits their volunteers through the volunteer resources department of the Red Deer Regional Hospital. I have been a part of the youth volunteer program at the RDRH for six years on the main units and for a couple years in the Cancer Centre as an adult volunteer. Thirty percent of deaths in Canada are due to cancer (retrieved from, 2011). This statistic shows the importance on having cancer centres easily accessible to all.
This quote shows that cancer affects a very large population “Two out of five Canadians are expected to develop cancer during their lifetimes” (retrieved from If you take into account coworkers, friends and family that know someone with cancer it can be argued that cancer affects us all. The vision of the Central Alberta Cancer Centre is a cancer-free future, with a mission to make Alberta the leader in cancer prevention, screening, research and care. (retrieved from I believe that as a volunteer I help with their mission to be leaders in care. I provide compassion to the patients and families, I get to provide care for them while…

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