I Am Very Confused - Original Writing Essay

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“What arrangements? Castiel, I am very confused,” Maison followed him into the living room. He was suddenly very agitated, though not at Maison. It took them a while to figure out that Castiel being stressed did not mean that they had done anything, he just didn’t know what else to do with these emotions he was dealing with. Again, Sam and Dean weren’t the best role models. “This was supposed to go differently, but then again, it makes sense for this not to go how I wanted it to. Nothing really seems so, but it ends up alright in the end,” Castiel continued to speak as he disappeared into the bedroom. Before Maison could even follow him, he reappeared, hands in his sweatpants pocket. “Casitel…” Maison watched him, walk over and stand in front of them. They were a tad bit anxious about why he was acting so weird, but more than anything they were confused. Castiel sometimes didn’t make sense, but he was usually very logical in his nonsense. This seemed so haphazard that it was unlike Castiel. Then he got down on one knee and pulled a ring box out of his pants pocket. Maison stopped moving entirely and looked down at him, the cats rubbing against his leg. There was only reason that a man got down on one knee, but Castiel couldn’t…he wouldn’t…how… “Maison, you make me happier than I thought anything ever could. I spent thousands of years watching humans, trying to understand them, but I have figured out that the thing that makes them so wonderful is that they are so…

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