I Am Truly Blessed And Thankful Essay

705 Words Jan 22nd, 2016 3 Pages
I am truly blessed and thankful to welcome in my 43rd year in this world. At my 40th birthday party, if you told me the events that would follow over the next three years. I would have continued to dance, drink my Grand Mariner and take selfies, thinking “this fool is drunk!”
#judgeyourmomma. In the last year, I stopped drinking and social events are chosen wisely. The ultimate shocker is I’m a Muslim and a month ago became a wife (well a work in progress wife, Lol). #nofilter All these life changing events has left me spiritual, mental and physically free and at peace.

*Disclaimer: My life changing events will not be your life changing events. I live in a judgmental-free zone. #carryon

You have to find humor in the wonderful events that happen to your life. I will never forget the road I travel to get to this final destination. It’s really not my final destination, my spirit is telling me more is still to come.

When I sit here in awh over the last year, yet alone the last five years, I’m proud of my growth but I’m amazed at my discipline. I think discipline is what shapes the changes in our lives, like lack of discipline can have you looking a world wind of casualties.

Sometimes in life we have to stop trying to find happiness and just remove things out of our life that is not bringing us happiness. You will hear people say “Oh, she changed”, your response should be “Isn’t that the plan called ‘Life’ ”. You will lose people but they left to make room for the people…

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