I Am Today, It Speaks From What You Can Do Essay

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Popular blogger Marc Chernell 0nce said: Strenght Does 'nt come from what you can do. It comes from over coming the things you once thought you could 'nt. This strenght that Marc Chernell speaks about is what made me the woman I am today, it speaks to me. Because of my extremely painful past, I learned to be strong
I grew up in N.N Va. me my brother and our half sister she only came around on occasions , when ever her mother allowed which was not much , problems between woman ,My grand mother was adopted her and sister brought here from south carolina . There parents were killed in a auto accident. My great grand mother was biracial and so were her two sisters there brother was caucasian , he had an Italian girlfriend I am pretty sure that was her race, and let me tell yeah she was definitely a piece of work, but she was nice in her on way if you only knew what kind of way that was .My uncle was pretty handsome to with his green eyes , He favored Kevin costner. My grandie and greatgrand and my uncle were very good to my brother and mom and myself , The craziest thing is that they all died by the time I reached nine years old like right in a role. I loved them all so very much we did have a lot a struggling like the next family , but they interacted with everything me and my brother did whatever they went thur and dancing my uncle and grandie had that fancy foot work
I remembering my grandie telling me I do not know whats giong to happen to you guys when I am gone ,…

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