I Am Today As A Human Being And My Vision For 2066 Hopes Essay

1737 Words Jun 6th, 2016 null Page
The research question I have selected is important to me because I can connect to it with a strong passion. The research question has to do with where I am today as a human being and my vision for 2066 hopes to improve today’s world. In 2016 the election year, the campaigns have had an influence on the people worldwide. I am a proud US citizen thanks to the sacrifices my parents made, but I am also very fortunate to be Hispanic. Unfortunately, in this world there are people who are racist and refuse to see individuals who are different and respect them for who they are, human beings. I am against those who think that individuals are defined by their culture or where they come from. I think that despite our physical differences, we are all human beings. This year alone I learned to embrace my heritage and be proud of my culture. At a point, I was so blinded by my environment that I forgot that the world is more than just high school in a “ghetto” community of southeast San Diego. The world has so much more to offer and at the same time so much room for improvement. As a student at UCSD, a community dominated by white students, I had a difficult time adapting to the new culture that people live by at the university. In addition, the environment at the University of California San Diego has had a huge influence toward my research question. All of this combined has led me to create a world where ethnicity does not determine who you are or what you can or cannot do.


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