I Am The Miles Away From Home Is Challenging, Exciting, And Difficult

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Being 8000 miles away from home is challenging, exciting, and difficult. I came to the United States in 2013 from Saudi Arabia to attend school. I, like many other international students have left family, and friends for the experience. I didn’t solely come for school as I have always been critical of the traditional education system-I came for independence. However, many students travel miles away from home strictly for school. What is school anyway? And, what makes it special? Here is what I discovered based on my journey.
According to Merriam-Webster, school is an organization that provides instruction. While instruction is necessary for learners, there should also be a thought exchange between the instructor, and students as it can widen a student’s perspective. I have found that the humanities, and art classes I have taken do offer that--in contrast to my computer science classes. Steven Madoff who is an award winning writer, and critic suggests the “praxis theory” in his book “How to be an Artist by Night?” According to Madoff, the praxis theory conveys that making is thinking, and thinking is what occurs at the instance of activity. I have always believed in hands on experience- it enables one to learn from their mistakes and discover new findings. This is crucial in coding specifically; I have learned the most from my coding classes with hands on experience rather than the heavily focused terms ones. Additionally, a true scholar is a humble scholar, no matter how…

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