I Am The Lpn Who Is Responsible For A Care Conference Essay example

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Care conferences are held for every person receiving health care at home or in a care facility. They help the “care team” ~ everyone involved in the person’s care ~ share information and work together to meet the person’s needs (1). In this case study, I am the LPN who is responsible to organize a care conference for three of the residents in the residential home that I work with. To organize this care conference, it is imperative that I will fully know the goals for each of the resident. I have to prepare every necessary documents that are needed, facts about the resident like their record when the first move in to the facility, physical and medical history of each resident, and the recent report of the resident. As the LPN who is responsible for this conference, I have to inform the care professionals who are important to be involve in this conference and also a member of the family. Since, the preparation time of this conference is very limited, therefore I will inform every member of the care conference through phone call, that way I can get their answer if not right away, as soon as possible. Moreover, in the phone call, I will state that the conference in going to happen on Oct. 20, 2016, at the Main level conference room at 1500 hr. The first resident is an 84 yr. old woman who has Dementia, and physical and mental frailty. The goal for her in this care conference is to ensure her safety in this facility. The members of the care conference team that I am going to…

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