I Am The Ceo Of The Cheesecake Factory Essay

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I am the CEO of The Cheesecake Factory. The most valuable asset to our company is one thing the cutomers. the trust in our employee and in our code of ethics Part 2 section C states.
“As general rule, you should avoid engaging in Company business with a relative (by blood or marriage), a “significant other” or with another business in which another family or
“significant other” is involved. If such a transaction is unavoidable, you must disclose both the relationship and the transaction to your supervisor, in advance, and obtain approval. You cannot improperly use your position with the Company for personal gain or for the benefit of relatives, friends, or for the good of another business in which you have such a relationship.
We have built our company off of trust and secrecy, and in saying that our rules are made not to be broken and must remain as such. Reason being that this company has a lot of plans that will eventually be brought into play and we don’t want any problems that will conflict with it.
Please don’t use your position for personal gain. We have had employees that would sell us most private information that could cause set us back.
Another issue we have to deal with is solicitation as far as selling goods on our property.
In our code of ethics section D Paragraph one states: Our Restaurants, Corporate Center, Bakery
Production Facility and any other Company facilities should provide a welcoming atmosphere for our guests, vendors, staff members and…

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