I Am Surrounded By The People And Life Essay

1091 Words Nov 12th, 2015 5 Pages
What comes to mind when you imagine the ‘American Dream’? A new shiny car, a massive renovated home, perfect straight ‘A’ children, while all those are comforting, does it honestly make you satisfied? Is your life so sad that a new Range Rover can fill that sad, lonely hole? When it comes down to it, you begin to realize that it’s not material items that can pull your life together, it’s your experiences and who you’re surrounded by. I bet being selfish and knocking others down to pull yourself up pays off, but while you’re all alone with your new Michael Kors watch, I am surrounded by the people and life I have envisioned for myself. Money has become such an enormous priority, that people are losing sight of all moral values. If your life sucks money won’t improve your overall quality of life, that depends solely on you. Everyone is so caught up in how they can climb to the top, they don’t realize who they’re stepping on to get there. You take the hand you’re dealt. Life is not fair, bad things happen to good people, and people’s priorities change. Money can’t buy you friends, money can’t buy you genuine comfort, money can you buy the materials that temporarily fills that gap, until the next iPhone comes out. Truth is, the American dream doesn’t exists. When people describe it, you only hear of the things money can buy. Happiness is deeper than what you own. Education. You hear this topic discussed frequently, the cost, the hard work, the stability as an outcome, but…

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