I Am Responsible For Recording Hours And Attendance Essay

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George Eastman Young Leaders Award (11), Junior Officer (11), President (12),
I am responsible for recording hours and attendance for over 150 students. I promote community service opportunities and focus largely on uplifting the community through education. I sold 200 hockey tickets and used the proceeds to sponsor a fifth grade from Honduras to attend school for one year through the Unbound Foundation. Additionally, I launched a new tutoring program that pairs at-risk students with NHS members. Within the society itself, I have created a more inclusive environment by establishing the first Fairfield National Honor Society hotline, which members can text or call in order to receive more information about their hours and available service projects.

Member of the Year (9), President (11-12),
I participated in community outreach and planned a successful canned food drive and cooked holiday meals for residents at a local homeless shelter during my freshman year. Providing opportunities for others to further their education is also important to me. In tenth grade, I planned the first Sadie Hawkins dance at Fairfield High School, which raised $2,000 for a scholarship fund benefitting Fairfield seniors. During my junior year, I was elected president by my peers and planned a large canned food drive, and collected 500 cans for local food pantries. I spent the second half of the year bettering the atmosphere of the school. As a group, we…

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