I Am Resident 9 Line ( One ) Of One Of Igrosoft 's Most Successful Early Endeavors

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Meta: Did you love Resident 9 Line? Do you fancy playing more of the same? Then Igrosoft has answered your call, as they have created the most compelling of sequels in Resident II.

Resident II Review

If you liked Resident 9 Line (one of Igrosoft’s most successful early endeavors), then you’ll no doubt enjoy Resident II, the sequel to the hit game that so many people still play to this day. Based on my initial impression, Resident II keeps the World War II theme, but improves upon it in a number of ways – notably, the graphics. Everything is crisper, cleaner, and better detailed. While most of Igrosoft’s early games were drawn in a relatively crude and simple style, Resident II’s presentation is more professional and polished, perhaps reflecting the fact that many of the artists and programmers are more experienced and seasoned than when the first game came out some years ago.

This game looks great, with it arguably representing Igrosoft’s finest design work. Saying that, I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, so why don’t we delve into the gameplay and see what’s new?

An interface worth investigating

One of the biggest changes is that many of the graphics are now rendered in 3D (save for the fire extinguisher, oddly enough). Even the spy on the bottom is drawn in crisp vector graphics as opposed to the cruder hand-drawn appearance he boasted before. Coupled with an interface overhaul, you get a game that looks so much fresher and polished than the previous…

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