I Am Receiving Valuable Experience Essay

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Approaching the one year anniversary of my start date at NAVSEA, the force behind the ships in the United States Navy fleet, I want to return to school and take graduate courses in Engineering Management at Temple University.

After graduating with a notable four year Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Widener University, in Chester, Pennsylvania, I immediately joined the working world ten days after graduation and gained sound experience by working in the Integrated Logistic Support as a Mechanical Engineer of NAVSEA. I am enjoying creating procedures and diagrams for all Navy ship 's systems to get them underway on the water. Every day I take and give away new knowledge by interacting with the group which compose of individuals who have served in the Navy for ten plus years to other engineers. Although I am receiving valuable experience in the Logistics department, I realize that to further my career and display my leadership skills I will need to take more courses which will put me in a position to lead. Learning from the experienced members in the group is helpful, but until I can lead I will not know how strong of a leader I can be. Being able to lead experienced members, I put my leadership skills on display which leave my actions open for criticism. In the Logistics department of NAVSEA where I am, there are a lot of individuals who see no need in receiving advanced degrees after I have spoken with them. My desire to obtain an advanced degree is…

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