I Am Proud For I Have Made Progress Essay

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Throughout English Composition 1 class, I am proud to say I have made progress. This could refer to mental progress as well. In the beginning, I thought writing a paragraph in 30 minutes was a difficult task. Now though, I am confident enough to whip out an essay in a few hours. Getting from writing one paragraph in a class to writing an essay in the class took a lot of work, but we went slow and broke the work down into simpler steps along the way. We began class working on a word that I was beyond unfamiliar with. The word was cohesion, and I had no idea what it meant. Slowly, we started to define it and make charts of what it is or is not. After this we started out first major paper. This paper was a narrative from our lives, and we needed to have cohesion in it. Cohesion means that the writing flows well and is a whole. This can be achieved by using transitions and tying the thesis into the essay. In this class we became authors of many other essays, and that helped me achieve many course objectives such as 1c, 2d, 2e, and 2g.
One of the first points I learned was learning objective 1c, formulate a thesis statement expression their main point on the composition. This objective is high on the importance chart for me because it talks about the thesis statement. The thesis statement is like the spine of the paper where everything builds off of it. Without understanding how to correctly write a thesis statement, the readers would not be able to understand the paper as well.…

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