Essay about I Am Placed At Scope Academy

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I am placed at SCOPE Academy in Springfield, Ohio. I am a white female from Green, Ohio. The school I went to was predominantly white middle class families, mostly English speaking with some Spanish speaking families; I speak English and know a few Spanish words. I was raised in a white middle class English speaking family. At SCOPE Academy 86% of students are white, 9% are Asian, and 5% are mixed. The languages spoken at SCOPE Academy include English, Karen, and Spanish. An advantage to the teacher’s many of the parents and students speak English, this makes it easy to communicate. A disadvantage to the parents of the Asian decent is that they speak Karen as their first language, they and their children are English as Second Language learners; They ae refugees from Myanmar a country by Thailand. The children are much more fluent in their English than their parents. This is a disadvantage because it can be difficult for teachers and parents to express their concerns to each other. Though I have seen the parents of the English as Second Language Learners try very hard to understand how their child is doing by attending all family nights and conferences despite the language barrier. Reflecting on Debbie Irving’s chapter Belonging from Waking Up White (2014) I agree that I never questioned whether or not I belonged in a school setting, whether it be while I was growing up or now becoming a teacher. My mom was a part of the PTA and volunteered a lot in my classrooms. I believe…

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