I Am On The Road For My Future Essay

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It’s crazy to think that I am on the road to my future. Everything I have done so far has lead up to this one moment. All of the extra work I do, all of the extra hours spent studying, all the lost hours of sleep, it’s all for this one moment. This one moment is when I go from a high school graduate, to a college student. This moment is so exciting, and unnerving all at the same time. You probably don’t want to hear about how happy I am to be done with high school, what you want to read about is all my experiences, life skills, extracurricular activities, and all that stuff. As you can tell, I’m a little different from everyone else. Every one of these essays start out about the same, “I am honored to be applying to your college…” that must get a little boring, going over the same outline hundreds of times a day. Well you’re going to get a break from that today.
First of all, my extracurricular activities. I have done many different things form the time I was just eight years old. I started out in my local 4-H club, I started when I turned eight years old and did it all the way up into my freshman year of high school. When I was in 4-H, I raised horses, pigs, and sheep. Man was I busy. Also I played soccer when I was younger, it was my favorite sport. My freshman and sophomore years in high school, I was in my local FFA chapter (Chief Washakie FFA). They became my family away from my family, they were my FFAmily.
Sense I was in the eighth grade, I had a job. I still have…

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