I Am Not Your Victim Essay

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I am Not Your Victim In the story I am Not Your Victim by Beth Sipe the readers are able to read first hand the experiences that Beth went through while in this abusive relationship. There are many factors as to why Beth stood in the relationship and lack of support from outsiders and people who are supposed to be trusted. On more than one occasion when Beth tried calling the police they weren’t very helpful. In one instance Beth describes calling the police after an incident with Sam had occurred, “they said I had left the house, and therefore they couldn’t respond” (Sipe & Hall, p.90). Other times when Beth called about Sam threatening her they told her they couldn’t do anything unless he was already there. These types of responses from operators didn’t seem professional or like they took Beth and her safety serious. Some family and friends of Beth were aware of Sam’s abusive tendencies but didn’t do much to help Beth. On one occasion when Sam’s aunt was over Sam was being routinely mean to Beth. Before Sam’s aunt left she asked Beth if Sam treated her that way all the time. Beth told her sometimes he acted worst, instead of helping her out or giving her the resources or words of encouragement Beth needed to hear the aunt simply answered that Sam “acts just like his father, that’s how he treated Sam’s mom all these years” (Sipe & Hall, p. 89). This just showed Beth that what she was going through was “normal” that couples could go through that and survive living life…

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