I Am Not Your Victim Essay

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I. Introduction
The book, I Am Not Your Victim, by Beth Sipe and Evelyn J.Hall, is a true story about Beth’s life experience as a victim of domestic violence. She was married to Sam for sixteen years and suffered of violence for sixteen years. This paper will explain, some of the Beth’s situations where she didn’t get help when she expected too. Additionally, some resources Beth and her children could use for help of the abuse.
II. Beth’s Options and Response to Violence This section is about Beth’s response and situations where made her take the decisions she did. Culture, Religion and Doctor, influenced her to stay the in the abusive relationship. Because the people she went for help mishandled the situations and didn’t provide the support they should have.
Doctors: Beth ended up in the hospital several times due to Sam’s abuse, but the doctors didn’t help her out the ignored it. Beth had just had her second baby (James) with Sam. Right after Beth had birth Sam forced sex and caused a lot of damage to her body, ripped her stitches. Sam raped Beth everyday after her still healing, and she had to get a check-up. She went to the doctor’s and had bruises around her body and damage she had in vaginal area, but the doctor never questioned or commented on the abuse (19).
Beth seemed relived that the doctor didn’t question, because she was too embarrassed to talk about her bruises. The doctors didn’t try to report the bruises, like they didn’t want to…

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