What Does Depression Mean To You Essay

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(1) Currently, I am not too happy with what is going on with my life right now. I am not too happy because I feel somewhat isolated and alone sometimes. I live on campus and I am in a coed fraternity, but I feel that I am not living a “college student’s life” so to speak. I don’t like to “party” and I can be pretty quiet at times, and I feel like that makes me somewhat of an “outcast” from the world. I don’t want to change myself of course, but I sometimes wish people could accept me more for who I am and respect the fact that I don’t like to do super crazy things. Additionally, I am suffering from anxiety associated with depression, so that has had a big impact on why I never want to go out and explore life. The depression makes me feel tired …show more content…
I do not have the greatest self-esteem at the moment; I don’t believe in myself enough. I additionally want to gain a way to not be scared to talk to people and start conversations. Currently, I am very shy and I feel scared to approach people and try to talk to them. I want to gain the ability to do that without being so scared. I feel that will make me happier without myself, because I won’t be so quiet and I won’t feel so alone. I can be apart the world and be able to talk and just sit there and stare at the ceiling.
(4) I think mediation is a very good to relax yourself and a way to relieve stress. I have never tried mediation, because I never knew what the proper way to mediate was. I would like to try it one day though, because sometimes I feel stressed out sometimes and I haven’t found a very good way to relieve it. I have tried sleeping and going out, but it hasn’t really work.
(5) I think I feel this way because I really want to find something that can help relax me. I really want to believe that meditation works, and that it can make you a happier person. I don’t know anyone who does meditation, so I don’t have any examples on if this is a true statement or not. However, even if I did, I think it is best to find out for yourself, which is what I want to do. I hope to learn the proper way to do it one
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If I want to become happier, I have to be the one to make changes to my life; no one else can do it for me. Nobody is going to hold my hand and guide me to happiness, I have to find out how to find it myself. If I wasn’t in control of my life, then I wouldn’t be able to do any of these things. I would never be able to change my life if someone else was in control of it. I would just have my life planned out every single day, with no way to change it. I can change my life. I can make sure I get to where I want to be, I just have to believe in myself and go out there and do it. I will have to work hard, but it will be worth it in the

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