I Am Not The Prefect Writer Essay

1141 Words Dec 4th, 2015 5 Pages
At the beginning of this semester I knew I was not the greatest writer, however, I never thought I was a horrible writer. In this semester Professor K. Jagasia had given the class a syllabus that stated expected student learning objectives. Between both classes, English 1001 and English 0920, there was a total of twenty learning outcomes. Within these outcomes I believe I was able to accomplish them all. Although, I have learned many things in my high school English classes, however I was able to comprehend the information more clearly. As I was going over an assignment that was given at the beginning of the semester I was able to recognize majority of the mistakes I have had throughout it. Although I am not the prefect writer I will now know there is always room for improvement to be made. Although I did not come into this semester not knowing anything, however, I was able to learn and comprehend more by the end of it. In the syllabus given to the class the first day, there was a bold heading called expected student learning outcomes. Throughout this bolded heading, I believe there has been a result of all twenty of these outcomes. For an example, one of the outcomes was organize and develop ideas effectively and logically in essays. Throughout the semester I was able to make my papers more organized and develop more ideas to put into my assignments. Therefore, I was able to not only complete the assignment, but I was able to reach the necessary length. At the beginning…

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