Essay on I Am Not A Writer And I Will Never Be A Great Writer

705 Words Nov 29th, 2015 3 Pages
My writing is atrocious. I am not a great writer and I will never be a great writer. My writing is very basic and doesn 't grab the readers attention.
A good essay flows. A good essay gives great information to a reader were the reader understands the topic. Also, transitional words helps an essay flow. Using words such as hoverer, also, and nevertheless helps because it links ideas together. I have used a few transitional words, but in my opinion not enough. A reader does not have to infer certain details by what the writer meant. I would have to say I have a problem with the flow of my essay. It is hard for me to guess what the reader might not understand and sometimes I forget about they might not understand what I mean and sometimes can be confusing was my teacher has written on my essays several times.
A good essay has strong and factual evidence. A reader does not have to agree with the writers opinion, as long as a writer backs up their thesis everything should be good. An essay topic can be why American should not celebrate Thanksgiving. A reader does not have to agree with a topic just as long they understand the essays topic and thesis. Backing up your essay can include using reliable sources such as the Washington Post and CNN. In my previous essays’, I have used reliable sources such as the Washington Post and Forbes, and they have helped me strengthen my view point. Also, it is important not to overuse one source in your essay like I did in my Persuasive…

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