I Am Not A Perfect English Speaker As My Mother Tongue Is Nepali

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I am not a perfect English speaker as my mother tongue is Nepali. In my life I know or rather know a little bit about variation of Englishes in the world but the English I mostly use is Nepali English and American English. Nepali English is basically the English language derived from British English, however the tone and way of using English in Nepal is different.
Currently, I am studying in the USA and people here use a different kind of English that I am not used to. American English is actually a lot more different than I imagined back home. Almost all the accent in every word and sentences are different and I even noticed some difference in spelling here. I study in ULM (University of Louisiana at Monroe) which is located in southern part of the United States. I found the difference in accent even within the USA. People in north and south speak differently.
When I went to school and high school in Nepal I almost wrote and spoke entirely in English as English was mandatory except in Nepali class. The accent is almost British mixed with our tone, so in a weird way during the time the spoken English in Nepal has entirely evolved. I would speak fluently and confidently there and everyone would understand the message I was trying to convey. I usually use to add “na” or other tone of Nepali at the end of the sentence to make it more reveling to the audience as most of them would be Nepali. No matter how good I was at speaking English even if it was a Nepali version of it, I…

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