Essay I Am Not A Healer

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“Does that-” I gasped in pain “-really matter”

“I suppose not,” She hovered a bit closer to me “you’re hurt. I’m not a healer but I know how to bandage?”

I shrugged biting back a sound of pain at the movement, I must have really been running on pure adrenaline. She nodded and moved my arm producing a rolled bandage from a tiny pouch at her waist. I had a million questions but right now the first one was how she fit the bandage into a pouch the was at least two times smaller than the bandage.

“Hold still” She said as she started to wrap the bandage around my chest.

The pain didn’t go away completely as she wrapped it but it felt like I could manage to keep going for a while. The Sylph put the pouch away and returned to floating a few feet in front of me.

“So, who are you?” I asked her “Why the hell are you in this place?”

“I’m Josephine…but just call me Jo” She said with a big grin “And well…I’m here cause I was sent here…”

“Why?” I asked.

“I can’t say right now” She answered “So no more questions the guards are gonna find this tunnel we have to get out. Follow me.”

“No. Tell me now.” I said not moving.

She looked at me and sighed crossing her arms in front of her chest.

“Listen I’ll tell you…just follow me okay…we don’t have much time” She said worry apparent in her voice.

“Fine…but if you’re leading me into a trap I’m gonna rip your fucking throat out!” I told her.

Jo smiled and floated down the corridor, I found myself distracted by her…

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