Essay on I Am My Dad 's Voice

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3rd grade: I was staring that club write in the eye, it was staring at me like a hawk. The contact was so loud, it sounded like a bomb, my ears rang so loud it hurt. I put my hands on my head but something was not right, instead of my fingers stopping at my forehead they went inside. I looked at my hands and they were just red, all red. My instinct was to scream, so that’s what I did, even though I didn’t feel anything. I laid down and some random guy sat on top of me and started to hold my head together. Then I heard my step mom’s voice and that gave me a huge sigh of relief, so now I was calm but still slowly dying. I heard my dad 's voice too but it turns out he wasn’t even there, he was just on the phone with my step mom and she said “Bring your truck you have to bring Evan to the ER.” when my dad got there everything got uglier than it already was. When he got there the guy on top of me said “You need to call him an ambulance!” and all my dad kept saying was “Get off my kid now” and he wasn’t just saying it, he was screaming it. And the other guy was not listening he just kept saying “He needs an ambulance” and finally my dad lost it he let out the loudest scream i’ve ever heard saying “GET THE FUCK OFF MY KID OR YOU’RE GONNA NEED A AMBULANCE!” needless to say the guy finally got off me. My dad picked me up and threw me down into the front seat of his truck. I managed to open my eye to get a quick glance at my dad 's, it was the first time I had ever seen…

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