I Am My Best Friends, By Immanuel Kant And The Friendship Hurdle

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To one of my Best Friends, Life is an awful, ugly and intimitading place to not have friends. One cannot enjoy life without having people by their side to share life’s moments with. One also cannot make it through the lows of life without a friend to console them. Together, friends experience adversity, they laugh and fight; but ultimately friends love and establish a relationship unlike others. Our friendship is one unlike any I’ve seen in my 19 years, as I’ve never found someone as weird as me until I met you. There are many views of friendship, as bonds can be established for means such as usefulness, pleasure, and adventure. Yet while many philosophers such as Aristotle, Immanuel Kant and others try to distinguish the true purpose of friendship; Robert J. Ringer lays out the most relatable model of friendship in “The Friendship Hurdle”. Ringer holds a rather egotistic view of friendship; one where we seek pleasure in friends and remain in the relationship to assure that we get what WE want. Ringer also touches on this idea of a rational selfishness present in friendship, where we seek value for value in our relationships. According to Ringer, all valuable things have a price; therefore a prized friendship can only be attained when the price is right. The focus of Ringer’s essay is a model he lays out describing an ideal friendship, which he calls the “Weight-and-Balance Happiness Scale”. This scale implies that we do things for friends largely because it’s in our…

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