Essay about I Am My Best Friend

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It must have a place exist in people’s mind. It might left deep impression on you. It could be your hometown because you lived in there long time. It ought to be your school, because of your friend, and your memory. For me, it’s my junior high school. It was established in 1994. There are almost 500 hundred students, seventy assistants, and sixty two teachers. In addition, it spend three thousand square meters, and have my lovely stories, Moreover, i met my best friends in there. We still contact with each other until now, it means a lot to me so that i cannot forget it.
At first, there is one thing that i must mention is i got the first girlfriend in this place. As we all know, puppy love is always unforgettable. I was walking in the green and red color playground with sunshine. I hoped that this road has no ending when i was walking with her. Also, i used to do the homework with her in the library. It was a quiet and nice place. Students always enjoy their lunch time and secretly dating. The library has three floors and over five hundred thousand books. We can get everything we want to read in there. Another place that leave the deep impression on me is the sub. We used table not only have the lunch, but also play the game. Around the sub, there has a small “forest”. I were seated and avoid the sun in the summer days. A lot of times that my friends was jealous about me so that they laughed at me and made joke to me. But that was a great memory.
Next, i missed my friend…

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