I Am Motivated Travel Abroad Essay

1304 Words Nov 13th, 2016 6 Pages
I’m motivated to travel abroad because I believe it is one of the best ways to learn about different people and societies. During every trip that I have been on, I have learned many new things and showed up back home with new skills. Whether it has been new languages, knowledge of that place 's history, more about their religions, or the appreciation I gained for the delicious foods of the area I had been traveling in, I have always learned a lot from my traveling experiences. My own travel experiences have greatly enhanced my interest in learning more about other people and their cultures, but they have always left me craving more. I have made the decision to study abroad in Spain because it gives me a way to expand my knowledge of cultures in different parts of the world and also because I have always had a strong interest in traveling. My goals with travel are to see as many of the world’s landscapes & cultures as possible, as well as learn more about them.
The biggest driver that I have to travel and study abroad is my interest in being immersed in that society, which allows me to fully experience their different cultures, foods, and the people that this type of program provides. I believe that studying abroad will help me to further develop my social skills, as well as to help my understanding of the Spanish language through a month long immersion within their city. My time studying there will help to expand my comfort zone further through being involved in unfamiliar…

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