Essay on I Am Most Of My Life

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I spent most of my life traveling. My mother is a teacher. After my dad died she made lemonade out of a sour lemon by taking teaching jobs overseas. She did this for us. She wanted to expose us to as many cultures as possible and she wanted to give us a true worldview. I am grateful to my mother for doing this, however, it had its down sides. Because we moved from country to country I didn’t feel like I had a stable childhood. I didn’t have roots; I didn’t have a sense of belonging. I am craving that right now. My hope is attending college will give me the educational roots to start building my educational foundation I need in my life. Because I moved so many times over the last ten years I am looking to stay put. I want to make roots in all aspects of my life. I want to find a college that makes me feel at home. A college that makes me feel I belong at this point of my life in very important to me. I think being in class with people that not only want to be there but value their education will give me the feeling I am looking for and not make me feel like I am with a lot of people my age that have not yet learned the importance of a solid education. My plans for school include getting my undergraduate degree online and then doing my masters on a college campus. I want to do an online degree for several reasons. I own my own photography business. This type of business has no set hours. One week I may only work one day for two hours but another I could work five days, eight…

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