Essay on I Am Met A Deaf

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Have you ever met a deaf person or wondered what life would be like if you were deaf? Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? I hadn’t really thought about the issue until I met a woman around my age named Sharon. She was fully deaf. Expressly, I learned her language to show her that I valued our friendship. I would attend the deaf social events with her. As a result, I was opened up to a new world that I had never known existed. I was welcomed with open arms and hearts into the deaf community. Even though they have many struggles living in a hearing world, they have a great sense of pride being deaf.
Notably, I had the pleasure of meeting an American Sign Language teacher named Donna Bartley-Weiss (Bart.) She currently teaches at Delgado Community College in Slidell, LA. She did not have a “deaf accent,” I noticed, and with the intention of understanding, I asked her about it. As I listened to her story, I began to gain some insight on what life is like for those who become deaf, especially later in life.
In detail, when Bart was in her early 30’s, her hearing depreciated to the point that she went deaf. With this in mind, she was in denial for many years. In that case, in due time she hit a breaking point. “My 10-year-old daughter and I were coming home from the Slidell mall. I was having car trouble. This was way before cell phones,” she titters. “I went to a public telephone booth. I was trying to call my husband. I had the operator on the line and I’m…

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