Analysis Of I Am Me: Dissociative Identity Disorder

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I Am Me: I Am Me, I Am You, I Am Everyone Dissociative Identity Disorder, DID for short, is also known as Multiple Personality Disorder. It is a way of creating different personalities to deal with anxiety or trauma from a past event or experience. DID can mess with the mind and change who you are. Everyone acts divergent when they are not in their normal setting. People may be loud and wild with peers and more enclosed and quiet around family members but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have that personality disorder (Meyers, 2014). A few ways to understand dissociative identity disorder is through its symptoms, the ways in which it can be treated, and the skepticism of the disorder’s existence.
This disorder usually starts to develop
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Not all personalities of DID are bad (Meyers, 2014). Some personalities can be in a state of happiness, but it will be false happiness. Many post-traumatic stress disorders are said to be a cause of this disease (Meyers, 2014). Usually, in order to forget something painful from the past a new identity is created to block bad memory. People with this disorder have a weak memory and can memorize something if it is explained to a large extent and in detail (Gillig, 2009). They may have memories of other personalities as well. People with this disorder want a lot of attention (Gleaves, 1996). A therapist can tap into the minds of people with this disorder and try to figure out the exact cause of it, but there are many blocks and the different personalities are falsehoods so whatever comes out of their mouths can be a lie. The person with this disorder is basically living a lie. People diagnosed with this disorder are extremely sensitive, have trust and rejection issues which make it difficult for treating (Gillig, 2009). While being treated, the patient’s personalities may switch and alter if they feel threatened (Gillig, 2009). Treating this disorder is very challenging but it can be

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