I Am Majoring Computer Science Engineering Essay

1696 Words Nov 9th, 2016 7 Pages
I am currently majoring in computer science engineering. It is a field that is reasonably racially diverse but completely dominated by males. In my Computer Science 205 class, there is a total of 5 girls including myself and 30 males. This creates for an interesting class dynamic that I was not aware of until recently. When you walk into the class, all the female students are sitting on one side and the male students are on the other. This means that unless our teacher picks the groups for us, we always split up by gender. I never thought this was a problem until I went that convention for female computer science majors. It was brought to my attention how my classes were specified for a male student, how I am less likely to talk when in a group dominated by males, and how much harder it will be to progress my career in the future. After this conference, I took some time to think about the classroom environment that I have been in for the past two months. That is when I realized how much of a disadvantage I was at just based on my gender. In a chapter called Racism, Discrimination, and Expectations of Students’ Achievement, written by Sonia Nieto, the idea that women are expected to be complacent is brought up. She says, “Girls are singled out neither for praise nor for disciplinary action. They are simply expected, as a group, to be quiet, attentive, and passive” (Nieto 2004, 50) It is intimidating to be in a group of only male students; they do not usually take my advice…

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