I Am Legend Film Analysis

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1. What is the opening shot?
a. I am Legend begins with a televised new report that covers sports and then moves to an interview with Dr. Alice Krippin, who has developed a viral cure for cancer. She describes the cure’s origins and its effectiveness hailing that it has cured over ten thousand people. The shot soon transitions to a fade in black screen with a simultaneous deep noise that resembles a base drum. Seconds later the shot directly moves to a slowing moving upward panoramic shot of a destroyed seemingly lifeless, completely quite city of New York with the caption at the bottom “Three Years Later”.
2. Is continuity editing used? If so, give examples and explain in at least one of the examples what strategies the filmmakers use to
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Continuity editing is used in the film I Am Legend to sustain as much of a comprehensible vision of reality as possible that the audience can grasp and relate to. The editor uses the strategy of establishing shot at the beginning of the film through the use of a wide angled view of the setting in which most of the film’s scenes take place- the deserted destroyed, weed filled streets of New York City. Establishing the shot can also be seen in the scene where the “the dark seekers” are quickly moving towards SMITH’S house to kill him. In establishing the shot the audience is given the ability to sustain a general sense of where the action is …show more content…
“I Am Legend” is primarily edited through the use of direct cuts however contrast cuts, cut in, cut away and jumpy cuts are used as well. The film also uses rhythm as a means of transition. The song “Don’t Worry About A Thing” is used through out the movie to signal a change of scene and the introduction of danger, which is ironic because the presence of the dark seekers was something to worry about despite what the song suggests. Soon after the song played, the film would cut to complete silence and screeches from the dark seekers would gradually fade into the scene and increase in volume. Every night was a battle of survival and a matter of life and death. The use of fade in and fade out to a black screen transition was also used in the film to mirror Neville fading in and out of consciousness after the dark seekers attacked him and Anna saved him. Moreover, the transition from a fiery explosion that fades to white screen to an autumn forest when Neville sacrifices himself to save humanity is also

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