I Am King Of The Danes Essay

1008 Words Oct 2nd, 2015 null Page
Many years have come and gone, yet Grendel still terrorizes and preys on my Men. He has single handedly put fear into the hearts of the great people that live here in Heorot. I am Hrothgar, great king of the Danes, but I 'm not sure what I have to do in order to rid myself of this evil monster that plagues my kingdom. I assumed something had been wrong when I didn’t hear anyone sound the morning horns. Just as I was about to make my daily rounds in Heorot, I was met at my door with the horrible news that it had happen again. Grendel snuck into the mead Hall while my soldiers were resting and attacked them. I scurried to the mead hall to find only the few remains of the men that had been left behind. The fowl stench of death greeted me long before I had the opportunity to make it to the halls front door. I stood there in the mead hall, trying to refrain from vomiting, thinking only that Grendel was trying to antagonize me. He came into the mead hall all snatched up 30 of my men all in one night. This was the last straw and something needed to be about this pest. Some odd days later after Grendel 's gruesome attack, a great warrior arrived on my lands. I had only heard people speak on how he defeated many monsters with his bare hands, for I had never seen such a man. If any of the stories that I heard of him were true, it would be okay for me to assume that he would be the savior, the great warrior that would exterminate the evil pest, the man that would kill Grendel.…

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