Essay about I Am Just Anti Social

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If there is one thing that most people notice about me it’s that I am quiet. I often go unnoticed and people think that I am just anti-social. The truth is I have always been shy and nervous around people. I have always kept to myself and that maybe because in my life I have never really been able to trust people or be around people long enough to form really good relationships.
I grew up in a small town in Texas where the air was dry and it was always hot. Not a lot of people really came to hang out so it was me and my brother a lot. We hung out by the pond that was near our house. My brother was my first friend and he and I spent most of our time together. My brother was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to growing up.
When I was five my family moved closer to family and I was able to see more of my family more often. I can remember the whole family would get together and go to the beach. It was a good time. We would bathe in the sun and swim in the shallow water. After the day would almost be over my uncle would start up the big grill and make some really good BBQ.
In school I never really had too many friends I would always like to keep one or two. I was a very shy and nervous kid growing up. I would still go to my friends’ houses after school and hangout. I remember just when I started to feel comfortable my family moved again. This time to the much bigger city of San Antonio. It was a big city very busy traffic made it hard to go anywhere fun but my…

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