Essay on I Am Interested Into Pursuing A Ph.d

1548 Words Nov 26th, 2016 7 Pages
I am interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz in order to prepare for a career in academic research and teaching. I intend to specialize in modern and contemporary poetry and poetics, focusing on conceptual and experimental writing, print and visual culture, the history and future of the book, and the relationship between literature and the arts, as well as potential intersections between existing and emerging modes of discourse, such as contemporary book art and digital media forms.

I am especially interested in investigating interactions between text and materiality in poetry. My current critical writing project examines the intricate interplay between poetry and music; for instance, I recently wrote an article on avant-garde composer and pioneer of sound poetry Henri Chopin, whose works radically reimagine the interrelationships among sight, sound, and space, yet remain underappreciated in contemporary literary and artistic criticism. Extending beyond recent scholarship on the oral and vocal aspects of Chopin’s audio poems, I locate his works in relation to the crosscurrents of the Fluxus, concrete poetry, and sound poetry movements, and investigate the concrete poetry in order to reveal insights into the literary lens within his unique visions. In the essay, I trace the transfer from musical sound to material page, and contend that the ‘conceptual space’ of the poem becomes re-conceived to communicate the language of…

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