I Am I Like Being A Student? Essay

1336 Words Sep 6th, 2016 null Page
One of the questions that makes me motivated to go to school is “Am I willing to live without some of the luxuries of life for a while”. I chose this question because I have a believe that I can live without a luxury life for a while, and I have been doing it for the past year. I think the way to get to a luxury life is to be educated. The Idea of luxury and money and being completely indecent had motivate me that a graduate school is for me. One of the questions that made me not so motivated about graduate school is “Do I like being a student?”. Sometimes I think about not being a student and not having to worry about paying for classes and books. Being a completely free person makes me feel think about all the good possibilities if I was not a student. I always go back to the positives I have about being a student at the end so that I can continue to be motivated. After reviewing exercise number four, I like to ask about the salary, and also how many people have graduated in the same major as me. The percentage of people that are working in that field gives me an idea about my decisions for careers that are an option if I was to graduate with a PHD in psychology. I have not researched the amount of money and the specific job options for myself yet. I would like to know more about the positions that I will be working in after I graduate and also the benefits I get through my job. Those are all life time needs. We all need a good career with a good salary. We all need good…

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