I Am Here On Scholarships Essay example

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“You lied to me.” I stated without looking up at him. He knelt down beside the bed.
“Fuck, look at me please?” He grabbed my hand from my lap, I looked up at him. “I didn’t know if it was a done deal with Gent or not. He has cancer and couldn’t decide if treatment was what he wanted to do or not. I just got the call last night.”
I shook my head, “That’s not true. You said the first night we met we’d be seeing each other around campus.” I finally looked up at him.
Our eyes connected, “Because I was going to be his T.A. for a semester.” He rubbed my knuckles then climbed onto my bed. “Let’s go back to my place?”
I laughed, “No, I…Hunter we have to stop seeing each other. You could lose your license and I could get kicked out of college. I’m here on scholarships!”
Hunter leaned in and pressed his lips to mine, I should have stopped the kiss, I should have pushed him away but I couldn’t. Our tongues touched, we both moaned. Hunter pulled his mouth from mine and started kissing down my neck, “We can make it work.” He said between the kisses and gentle nips he was giving me. I unfolded my legs and scooted down on the bed onto my back. Hunter jumped off the bed, run over to the door and locked it. Then he was right back on me. “This isn’t a goodbye Harley…it’s just the beginning.” He looked into my eyes before he kissed me again.
I ran my hands down from his shoulders to the hem of his white button up shirt and untucked it from the black dress slacks he was…

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